Jigsaw VS Circular Saw: What’s the Difference and Which One You Need?

If you are looking at purchasing a jigsaw, it is essential that you decide the difference between the circular saw and the jigsaw. Both saws are useful for woodworking projects. They both can be used for cutting down wood. However, the jigsaw tends to be more versatile than the circular saw. In this article, you will find out how the jigsaw can help you cut your next project easier and faster.

A jigsaw is generally of a smaller size than circular saws as well. A jigsaw normally has a thin and narrow blade that is held in position in an upright position. It is held between two work hooks which enable it to be tilted and moved in any direction. Workers also use jigsaws for very intricate cuts because of the ease to manoeuvre them. When a large piece of wood is needed to be cut, these tools allow workers to cut out the required sections of the large piece of wood.

Jigsaw vs Circular Saw

The main difference between a jigsaw vs circular saw is the power source. A circular saw usually uses a corded power tool whereas a jigsaw uses a cordless power tool. Jigsaws which are cordless have the advantage of allowing the user to work in small spaces. The jigsaw, however, is often used to cut long pieces of wood which the circular saw cannot cut.

bosch jigsaw tool
Jigsaw Tool

The jigsaw is often used for making straight, curved cuts. This is where it excels over the circular saw. Workers can make straight cuts without having to worry about the crooked or broken ends that come with some circular saw cuts. However, the jigsaw cannot cut through very thick or very thin materials as well. It can, however, cut through medium thickness materials. The jigsaw, however, is not capable of cutting through nails or any other hard object which is curved.

Circular saws use their motor to increase the amount of cutting a material through its width. This increased amount of cutting power allows the operator to cut more sections of the same piece of wood. A motor on a circular saw also increases its cutting speed compared to a jigsaw which has its motor on a stand. Some saws have their motor and cutting blades in the same unit while others separate the motor into two units.

circular saw
A Circular Saw

One of the most frequently asked questions about circular saws is whether the blade of the tool is heated when the blade is being cut. Most saws that are cordless will heat the base plate of the tool so that it is ready to cut when the blade is touched. Circular saws which are corded will not heat the base plate. Because of this, it is necessary for the user to remember to keep the base hot during use. It is recommended that the base be heated before use and cooled immediately after use. Also, check out Reciprocating Saw Vs. Angle Grinder & A Comparative Analysis

Advantages & Disadvantages of Circular Saw:

Although there are many advantages to the cordless circular saw, there are also some disadvantages. Most cordless options come with a limited warranty which does not cover repair or replacements for blades or motors. Also, some cordless options require the use of both hands to control the machine. While some saws are made with one hand operation, many require two hands to use. The two hands operation of the disk-shaped saw may cause injuries if the operator’s hands are accidentally caught in the rotating blades.

Final Verdict: Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw

Overall, both the jigsaw and the circular blade power tools are great for creating long straight cuts on wood. The jigsaw is primarily better for cutting thicker woods while the circular blade is best for cutting thinner woods. Both options allow the home improvement person to create custom shapes with minimal effort.

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