How to use a Table Saw (Step By Step Guide)

Table saws are one of the most usable pieces of equipment for a carpenter. These are required to get the perfect shape of the wood. Well, in ancient times people used shared rocks to cut their food and to just trees. With the changing time, saws also changed and nowadays we’re introducing the modern type of saws. There are various types of saws that are precise to specialized work.

People buy saws for personal as well as professional use. If you also buy a Table saw and want to learn about how to use a Table saw then just stick to this article. You must have the proper knowledge about Table saw so that you can prevent any casualty during using the table saw.

So, let’s start our discussions with some basics for using a Table saw.

how to use table saw

How to use a Table Saw?

The using procedure of Table saw can’t be deciphered in some steps. To learn the use of Table saw we have to understand the working of every art of Table saw. So, we’re going to discuss all the facets to interpret the procedure of the use of Table saw.

Basics of Table Saw

Most of the table saws are available under $300 to $700. In this price range, you can buy a standard version to model the version of the Table saw. Well, the quality of the Table saw depends upon the size of the blade. A blade of 10″ will be considered the ideal blade. While buying a Table saw make sure to consider the parts of it which are listed below:-

  • The tabletop must be 3×3 inches or can be 4×6 inches. Make sure that the table is typically made with cast steel and aluminum. Table saws are standard as well as portable. For portable table saws, check that your saw attains foldable legs or not.
  • The blade can change the position raised or lowered.
  • The rip fence is available at the parallel direction of the saw blade.
  • The miter gauge is also table saw which is used to get crosscut in Table saw. The procedure of crosscut will be discussed later.
  • A blade guard is also available which covers the blade. It is for safety.
  • Push stick: This allows you to put in extra effort to cut the source.

There are many other elements like vacuum attachment and safety measures that are available differently in every product. Make sure that all the above-discussed equipment must attain premium quality. So, we discussed the basics of the use of a Table saw. Now, we’re going to discuss How you can ensure your safety while using a Table Saw.

Safety measures:

While using a Table saw, you have to make sure that you protect yourself from any kind of casualties. It is very important to avoid any kind of injuries while using a Table saw. All the safety standards which are required to follow while using a Table saw are listed below:-

  • Make sure that the blade and material will not be in contact until the blade reaches its full speed.
  • When you’re going for rip cuts then don’t forget to use a rip fence.
  • If you’re going to do crosscuts then always avoid the use of a rip fence. Always use a Miter gauge while doing a crosscut.
  • Make sure that your material is not displaced while using a Table saw. So, keep your material straight while using the table saw.
  • Always wear ear cups and eye protectors while using a table saw.
  • Keep the place of your table saw dry and clean.
  • Don’t try to put overloaded work for a long time in your table saw.
  • Always water cloves while using a table saw.

So, these are the safety measures that you have to take care of while using a Table saw. Now, we’re going to discuss how you can make cuts on a table saw. Also, have a look at Best Cabinet Table Saws

How to make cuts with a Table saw?

To make a successful cut you just required 3 equipment of a table saw clamps, stops, and jigs. You can make dado cuts, compound angles, and rabbet joints. There are 2 types of just which you make through a table saw 1. Ripping and 2. Crosscutting. The basics of executing these cuts were discussed above. The procedure of each type of cutting is differently executed.

how to use a table saw

How to do Ripping in Table Saws?

Ripping is considered the easiest and simplest cut to make with the Table Saw. Follow the steps which are listed below to know How you can do ripping in a Table saw.

  • Firstly, you have to unplug the table saw and fit the rip blade into it. Now you have to adjust the height of the blade. Make sure that the height will not go above ¼ inches of the thickness of your material. This can be changed according to the height of the material.
  • Now, position your rip fence by releasing the locking lever. After placing the fence and wood properly, use the ruler to provide the required position to the fence.
  • Now, plug in the table saw and make the material available to be cut on the table saw. Make sure to start the table saw and wait until it gets its full speed. Touch the wood which you want to cut. It happens sometimes that people touch the wooden before starting the table saw and the saw kickbacks.
  • After completing the above steps, you just have to guide your material slowly and follow the mark of ripping which you make on it.
  • When your hands come closer to the blade then use the push stick to keep your hands safe and turn off the blade while the cut is completed.

Bonus Tip: When you feel that the Material becomes unstable then the use of both the hand tightly will work on it. 

So, here we discussed how we can easily use and make Ripping cuts with a table saw. Now, let’s discuss making a crosscut with a Table saw.

How to do Ripping in Table Saws

How to do cross-cut with a table saw?

To do a crosscut is also easy. Follow the procedure to know how to do crosscut in a table saw:

  • Firstly, you have to unplug the table saw and set the miter gauge into the table saw.
  • Now, you have to set the protector guide on the miter gauge to ensure angled cuts easily.
  • You can also use clamps to secure the space. Now, Mark the cost which you want to place on the material.
  • You can plugin the table saw but make sure that the material and blade saw will not be in the contact with each other. Turn on the Table saw and wait until the blade will get its full speed.
  • Now, slide the Miter gauge carefully and the material will start cutting slowly.
  • After completion of the cut, turn off the table saw.

After completing the procedure you’ll get that your crosscut is complete successfully.


So, here we discussed How to use a Table saw. I’m sure that this will helps you a lot to get the idea of working on the table saw. I recommend you to cut practice on some wood before using (Consider only if you’re a beginner.

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